Wood Pellets

PELLETS CLASS A1 Warmth and comfort for the cold winter days

Pellets – General Information

The pellets from wood are ecological and very perspective/promising fuel, to create warmth and comfort at home.

While they are burning, do not emit hazardous black smoke, which makes them ideal for fireplaces in a home environment( with glass). A great advantage of those wood pellets is also the small amount of ash left after their full burning.

The main advantages of using pellets are :

Protecting the environment
High caloric profile
Low amount of ash
Low moisture content
Low expenses for storage( small volume)
Convenient packs – vacuum bags of 15 kg
Automation of the burning process
The ability to be used in rooms without chimney
Comfort comparable to the heating by gas

Wooden pellets are produced by compressed sawdust under high pressure. The pellets are cylindrical and the size of 6mm, 8mm in diameter and 20-40 mm length. For the compressing process is used the lignin from the processed wood ( natural glue, which is contained in the wood ) without sticking supplements.

Coefficient of performance ( COP ) for heating systems is 85 % – 95 % ( the efficiency of wooden fireplaces is 70% ) these qualities, the pellets burn almost completely – the maximum ash content is 1,5 % .

The moisture content is within 8% – 10 % , and their caloricity value is 4300 – 5100 kcal/kg. Compared to the firewood is 2440 kcal/kg.

The pellets have high quality and froven effect.

They are tested in an internationally recognized and accredited laboratory and are certified with standard. This is an evidence for high calorific value, low ash content and smokeless heating systems.

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